Pillows are very important sleeping aids when it comes to improving the quality of your sleep, since they determining your level of comfort and support while sleeping. People needs and preferences are different with it comes shopping for a cool pillow.

Below are things to consider when shopping for cooling pillows

    • Your sleeping position should be considered first, it is very important to consider your sleeping position when shopping for the right pillow. Since some pillows are designed to suit different sleeping positions, (side, back and stomach sleepers)you need to carry out research in order to make sure that the design suit your sleeping position. You must consider your needs and preferences for you to make the best out the pillow.
    • Size is another important factor to consider when shopping for your cooling pillows. However, the size of your pillow must match with your bed, your pillow should be able maintain a proper height not too high and not too low. It should not be too big or small, but normal sizes that can give you support and keep you comfortable all through the night.
    • There is need to consider the firmness that will give the right support and comfort needed. The orthopedic design helps the pillow to conform to your body shape and help relieve pains and discomfort. The pillow must be able to adjust to your body’s temperature as it changes from time to time in order to provide therapeutic cooling sensation that will last longer. The ones with gel memory foam layers are designed to reduce heat; they contain gel which makes the surface to become cooler all the time. The ones without gel memory foam are designed in such a way that allows air to pass through it to keep it well ventilated all the time.
    • For you to feel comfortable all the time with your pillow, you need to consider the ones that have cool fabric cover that is removable and machine washable this will help to maintain and keep your pillow clean at all times. It is good to go for the ones that are hypoallergenic in nature and dust mite resistant at the same time. Some pillows are encase within covers that contains natural bamboo derived materials which are soft and cool, while some are encase within gel memory foam cover which also cool and breathable and help to resist bacteria, duct and mite invasion.
    • The ones that filled with shredded memory foam allow better airflow in order to keep you cool all the time. They are extremely durable and even have heat dissipating properties that keep the pillow cool all night long. However, being adjustable allows them to be flop up or thin out to your exact liking while still maintaining its shape.

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